Recap of Melbourne’s Clean Energy Week 2011 and 1200 Buildings Program

At the beginning of the month the annual Clean Energy Week summit was held in the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. The summit was a valuable and exciting week full of renewable energy updates and future plans,not only to increase the number of solar panels in Melbourne, but to propel Australia and the world towards a cleaner energy production in the near future.

The summit tackled all the issues related to this in depth;the first day of the summit was devoted in discussing the solar industry business and policies that they need to be guided with. Along with that discussion were talks about future solar plans and financing of renewable energy programs.
Andthe discussion didn’t end there; a timely and controversial issue was also tackled. Carbon pricing settings around the world became the most debated issue on that day.

During the second day of the summit renewable energy breakthroughs including wind and bio fuels were discussed. The summit introduced future technologies and what is needed for them to succeed. The day was packed with updates on where we stand on our fight against carbon emissions.

The third day was centered on the feed in tariff; debates were held on how the current schemes can be improved and what other provisions need to be legislated to further develop the government’s participation. Alongside the feed in tariff our home solar issues were discussed including new breakthroughs in technology for households who want to be independent from the grid. The current renewable energy target was the final subject for the rest of the day.

Professional development was held during the fourth day of the summit; seminars and training were conducted regarding safety issues, quality installation procedures and products. A rundown of the state government’s policies were also laid out to ensure compliance.

The last two days of the summit was devoted for the ATRAA (Appropriate Technology Retailers Association of Australia) convention where other renewable energy concerns were tackled and answered.

As always it was very useful and educational week which will have a big influence on what takes place in regard to solar power and renewable energy in Australia in the year ahead.

1200 Buildings Program

Melbourne is one of the most progressive cities in Australia and boasts a commercial sector that is booming……That success comes at a price though; the commercial sector of Melbourne is responsible for nearly half of the total carbon emissions within the city.

Currently there are about 1200 buildings across the area, and experts believe that if they can convert the buildings energy production from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources they can reduce the total carbon emission of the city by at least 20% or 383,000 tonnes of carbon over the next few years.

This is the exact scenario that led to the development of the 1200 buildings program in the first quarter of the year 2010. The program aims to increase the number of solar panels in Melbourne, and to holistically turn 1200 buildings GREENER, by combining renewable energy sources, water saving facilities and waste reduction methods. It is a great way for the city to see a brighter future both environmentally and economically; the project is said to at least bring 800 new jobs and a 1.3 Billion dollar revenue to the city.

In accordance to the 1200 buildings program the city of Melbourne recently commissioned its first commercial hybrid solar lighting technology. This ingenious new technology works by tracking the sun and concentrates its energy through a fibre-optic cable to an area, such a room or a basement, which is often not reached by the sun. Solar collectors are installed on building’s rooftops and the collected sunlight is directed via the fiber optics and then delivered to hybrid light fixtures. A single collector is expected to power at least 8 light fixtures, and savings on lighting energy consumption can range from 50 up to 70 percent.

The technology is expected to decrease the reliance of buildings to artificial sources of light and it will also contribute to broader market transformations towards sustainable development.

Building Queensland’s Virtual Solar Power Station

When Queensland started a full blown campaign on solar power in April of 2010 the state only has 250 MW of installed solar capacity and aimed to double it within 5 years, but with the help of Queenslanders and generous government support the target was achieved in less than a year and a half proving solar energy’s viability and Queenslanders growing love for it.

Town by town and city by city, Queenslanders are helping build Queensland’s virtual solar power station and the good news is – you can too! Through the state’s solar bonuses and schemes you can work hand in hand with the government whilst reaping the rewards of generating your own electricity. Every installed solar power system in Queensland, be it for home use, business, schools, community groups or government projects takes the state a step closer in meeting its ultimate goal of sustainability.
More than 100,000 Queenslanders have installed are now enjoying the benefits of either solar hot water systems or solar panels in Queensland and figures continue to rise day by day. By installing solar you’ll be saving yourself money by reducing your electricity bill, whilst also protecting the environment.

What YOU can get

Installing solar hot water systems can reduce your energy bills by up to $250 annually and as much as $450 on a typical 1.5 KW solar PV system simply by importing less electricity from the grid – and savings can increase by several folds through the state’s generous feed in tariff scheme. On average either of the system can help sequester 2 tonnes of carbon every year which by will come by the millions if every Queensland will take their part and work together.

Today, solar power systems have become cheaper by as much as 50% compared to average prices 3 years ago thanks to technological advances and by applying for both the federal and local government’s solar bonuses and schemes thousands of dollars can still be slashed off the price tag given that you will be guided by the implemented eligibility criteria.

You are not alone

The Queensland government is also contributing in building virtual solar power station. Currently the state has the following projects that are directed towards public benefit and educational gain.

Solar Schools
Windorah Solar Farm
Virtual Solar Power Station
Townsville Solar City
Solar at the University of Queensland
Queensland’s Solar Atlas
Solar Flagships
Solar Metricon Stadium
Solar at Queensland Rail
Kogan Creek Solar Project
Solar for Hervey Bay
Cloncurry Solar Farm

10 Things You Need to Know About Solar Energy

Some of the things about solar energy seem to be obvious, but the truth is, they are not obvious as they seem to be. Many say “solar energy is all about converting the solar energy into electric energy” but then I ask what energy we are talking about here. Some would refer it as sun energy but when the sun shines there are two likely energies present namely light and heat energy. Between this two energies, solar photovoltaic cells convert light energy into electric energy not heat energy into electric energy. For this reason of people probably misinterpreting solar fact I have come up with ten things you should know about solar energy.
• The sun strikes the earth continuously thought out the day with 173000 terawatts of electric energy if we were to convert all of it. But 30% of this energy is reflected back to space by clouds and some of it is absorbed by water bodies. This massive power takes less than 10minutes to travel 90 million miles to strike the earth surface.
• Solar powered aircraft exist. It is true that in the 1980s NASA launched Pathfinder I which is entirely powered by photovoltaic cells. And since we have never heard news of its failure it means the satellite still runs on solar energy.
• Solar energy (sun) is available 24hours a day, and that darkness is usually a shadow. The earth is spherical, and it is always rotating on its axis. So as it rotates, it exposes us to the sun, and when we are on the shadowed part, the sides of the other is exposed to the sun. Due to this we harness our energy and store it in batteries to use when the shadow comes our way.
• Solar voltaic cells use sunlight, not heat. Very high temperatures may alter the efficiency of the solar cells.

• When you install power in your house. The solar panels you use are guaranteed to work for 25-30 years without losing their efficiency. And that after initial construction of your home solar system there is no cost for maintenance and servicing of your cells.
• The largest solar energy power plant is located in Mojave Desert (California). It covers 1000 acres of land, and its total power production is 392 megawatts. It is a solar thermal power plant.
• Solar energy is recognized and recommended as the future source of energy due to its non-polluting nature of the environment. Solar energy is ecologically acceptable.
• Solar energy is the preferred way of temporally power devices and places. It can be produced for small reasons such as a powering a calculator and can be produced in large amounts to power cities and buildings.
• Clouds and air pollution such as emission from vehicles and industries are barriers which prevent sunlight from reaching the earth.
• The uses of solar energy have been there for more than 2700 years. BC Romans and Greeks used mirrors to concentrate sun rays to one place which resulted in a fire.
This is not only the things that you might not know about solar; there are so many others. Solar history is significant and even in the present, there are still things that you probably don’t know. Did you know according to the economy research solar panel cost has dropped by half price since the 2000s. Spread your solar energy more by researching more.

CAD services and BIM services have transformed the way buildings are designed and constructed

With the advent of Computer aided design technology, CAD services began to become a very crucial part of project execution in Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. Computer aided design services are used by the clients for availing digital drawings and 3D digital models for architecture, structure and MEP. There are numerous kinds of different architectural and engineering services which are executed with the support of computer aided design technology. For example if clients require detailed digital drawings from the sketches and handmade drawings available to them, they can hire paper to CAD conversion services.

In short, Paper to CAD conversion services are required by clients when they want to replace the manual design documentation for their building projects into digital design documentation. A few years back buildings used to be constructed with the support of handmade drawings. And this was not at all fruitful for architects and engineers as manual drawings used to result in large scale rework at the time of actual construction. Hence once computer aided design technology started to be optimized by Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry professionals, they began utilizing paper to CAD conversion services for converting handmade drawings into CAD drawings.

Apart from paper to CAD conversion services, CAD drafting services are also vital for building stakeholders as they are required for the development of accurate drawings for different disciplines such as architecture, structure and MEP. For exceptional accuracy in site plans, floor plans, sections, structural fabrication drawings, structural erection drawings, MEP shop drawings, MEP installation drawings and assembly drawings etc, it is very crucial that CAD drafting services are obtained from outsourcing partners. There are a lot of advantages of hiring drafting services from outsourcing companies such as clients get extremely technical drawings in cost-effective rates and within fixed deadlines. Apart from that the output is delivered to them with unmatched accuracy.

Now let’s shift our focus to Building Information Modeling services and their importance for architects, engineers, contractors and fabricators etc, along with owners. In the last five years, Building Information Modeling services have become too important part of Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry as they help in developing three dimensional parametric models for architecture, structure, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Various kinds of services fall within the framework of BIM services such as BIM modeling services, clash detection services and coordination services. BIM is not only required for developing 3D models but is also important for rectifying time based clashes and design based clashes.

Various reasons for opting log huts in India

More and more people are today looking at having log huts in India as their second homes or as their farm houses. The day is not far when people will want to have these homes built by reputed wooden houses manufacturers in India as their primary homes. There are plenty of reasons for opting for these log huts in India.
Log huts in India can withstand difficult conditions:

This is a fact and one of the main reasons why more and more people prefer wooden home built by reputed wooden houses manufacturer. First and foremost reputed wooden houses manufacturers in India make sure that the import good quality material for building these log huts in India. Reputed wooden houses manufacturer will make sure that the material is subjected to the most difficult climatic conditions before it is made available to the customer. The research and development team of the wooden houses manufacturer will subject the material to heavy rains and extreme heat and cold. This ensures that these homes can be built in the most difficult topography like hills, forests, areas of high-pressure winds etc.
The pros of wooden homes built by reputed wooden houses manufacturer:

When you get your log huts in India built by reputed wooden houses manufacturer you can be assured of the quality of the homes. Reputed wooden houses manufacturers in India make use of only good quality material which does not emit any toxic materials in the environment. Therefore, they do not pollute the environment. They are resistant to earthquakes. The houses built by good wooden houses manufacturers in India give one very good advantage. It is very easy to carry out electrical and plumbing fittings in these wooden houses. Most of the reputed wooden houses manufacturers in India have tie-ups with well-branded companies who can assist the customer with these fittings. One of the most striking features of the wooden homes is that it can be relocated. You can easily transport the house from one place to the other by simply dismantling it. These wooden homes are also known to give lots of peace and serenity. These homes are durable and the cost of maintenance is pretty low.

As we can see there are plenty of reasons for which you should go ahead with a good quality wooden home. When you select reputed wooden houses manufacturers in India for building your home then you can be assured that you will get all the required assistance for building your dream home. They will be with you at all stages of the building process right from laying the foundation to assembling the doors, windows and roofs. Reputed companies have teams which have the skill of building the homes in the most difficult terrains. So whether you want a peaceful weekend home or a farmhouse where you can go for a picnic with family and friends or you have more ambitious ideas of having mediation centers and resorts then you can always opt for a good quality wooden structure built by a reputed company.

Design Development Phase of Construction Projects

The entire focus of design development phase is to create all kinds of important drawings, documents and models which are used by Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry professionals for the effective execution of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Design documentation remains extremely indispensable for all kinds of manufacturing projects, without it becomes truly difficult for manufacturers to accomplish the project. In other words, design documentation is not only relevant to Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry, but it remains important for the manufacturing of all kinds of products such as car, aircraft, furniture and machines etc
Since design phase remains highly important for the accomplishment of construction projects, it’s important that accurate output is obtained by design and construction professionals during it. So, for obtaining effective or precise output, design and construction professionals across the world are using high-end computer software. The selection of software depends upon a lot of things.

First of all let me give you a brief idea about the kinds of architectural and engineers solutions or services which fall within the frame of design phase. Design and construction professionals have to create detailed drawings, high-end models and mock-ups etc., for gaining extensive clarity on architectural, structural and MEP design of upcoming buildings.

So, when it comes to the development of large-scale drawings, architects, engineers, drafters and detailers (MEP detailers and steel detailers) mostly use 2D computer aided drafting software such as AutoCAD and MicroStation etc. With the support of AutoCAD and MicroStation, drafter and detailers can easily develop high-end drawings for architecture, structure and MEP disciplines. Extremely accurate floor plans, site plans, elevations, sections, MEP Shop Drawings and structural drawings etc. are easily developed by architects, engineers, and drafters with the support of this software. It is not only the question of quick development of technical drawings, these software solutions are also important when it comes to modifying architectural, structural and MEP drawings.

On the other hand, when it comes to developing high-quality 3D models, design and construction professionals across the world mostly use Building Information Modeling software such as Allplan, Revit and Tekla etc. With the support of all these software solutions, high-end parametric models are swiftly created by architects and engineers. Parametric models provide countless benefits to all the building stakeholders, as they have the capacity to include all kinds of information associated to the project within them.

The information contained in 3D models developed for different building disciplines is ultimately coordinated by building professionals when they execute BIM coordination services. BIM coordination and clash detection services are very useful for refining the quality of building design as they help in identifying and resolving element collisions.

What Maintenance Is Required For Scissor Lift Equipment

Maintenance is a critical part of any scissor lift operator’s job safety. Nearly one quarter of all deaths associated with lifting equipment are caused by poorly maintained scissor lift equipment. Operators need to know that they are not required by law to work using poorly maintained or unsafe construction equipment. Knowing what maintenance must be performed on scissor lifts, and how often, is key to safeguarding both quality performance and personal workplace safety.

Maintenance on lifting equipment must be performed on a daily, quarterly, and/or usage-hour basis.

Daily maintenance includes pre-operation inspections. Before beginning the work day, the operator should ensure that all controls are in good working order. This inspection includes outriggers, guardrails, fall-protection gear, and other emergency and safety controls and devices. Wheels and tires should be inspected for air, fuel, or fluid leaks, loose connections, or missing parts. All moving parts should test as moving freely, and system interlocks to prevent movement during operation should be fully functional. Beyond these checks, operators should pay specific attention to additional manufacturer-recommended components that require daily inspection checks.

Manufacturer-specified maintenance may be recommended on a quarterly or a usage-hour basis (typically usage-hour maintenance is performed after each 150 hours of use). When parts require replacement, it is imperative to use like-replacement parts. Attempts to substitute parts can cause accidents or death. All maintenance should be performed by a qualified mechanic familiar with the specific type and brand of lifting equipment in need of repair. For more information visit to our site at

Water Damage Restoration in Homes

Water damage restoration is a process which has to be undertaken as quickly as possible. This is necessary to prevent the development of molds. Unforeseen circumstances such as the natural calamities as floods or storms and even residential accidents such as the water pipe breakages, pipe leakages or toilet malfunctions can leave behind soaked goods throughout the house. In such circumstances it is necessary to consider damage control options as fast as possible. If the degree of the water damage is restricted then the homeowners can consider going for the restoration processes by themselves.

However if, the area covered by the damage is a big one and vital things in the home have come under the water damage situation, engaging an expert service is the best decision. The water damage restoration process for residences involves certain common steps irrespective of the length of damage. The very first step in the restoration process is the removal of the standing water in the house. Once this is done dehumidifiers have to be employed so that the excess humidity in your home is done away with. The optimum humidity levels post water damage should come down to around 50%.

Afterwards individual items lying around the house including the carpets, books, electronic goods and clothing etc. have to be taken care of and dried out completely. It is a big job ahead and restoration services have all the required tools and instruments to complete the work in the most satisfactory manner. Water damage restoration for residences is a specialized job. It involves the cleaning of the house and the removal of water. However this is not the only requirement. Disinfection is another crucial step of the whole restoration process. Mold and fungal growth have to be removed from every nook and cranny along with from below the carpet.

Once the water damage restoration services are through the house reverts back to its pre-water damage state. It is totally dried out again, all the precious goods are safe and working just fine and there is a hygienic environment inside the house which is completely ideal for the residents. However in order to ensure that the restoration process goes on without many hiccups it is necessary to monitor the services which are being employed. It is better to see to it that the machinery which is being used is state-of-the-art. Also it is better to see the references of the company one is hiring.

Every home is a precious one for the residents therein. They are not going to keep any stone unturned in order to revert back all the things in the residence to their original position. It is important to remember that every water damage situation is unique in its own manner. Also the restoration services for each and every item lying around the house are also totally different. So when you are saddled with residential water damage, it is always better to call professional help. They have the experience and the equipments to handle it with care and sincerity.

Water damage Team has years of experience helping families!

Water damage describes a significant number of possible losses caused by water intruding where it’ll enable attack of a material or system by destructive processes like rotting of wood, expansion, rusting of steel, de-laminating of materials such as plywood, and many , many others.

However fast it occurs, water damage floor is a major contributor to loss of property.

One’s householder’s insurance policy might or might not cover the expenses associated with water damage and the method of water damage restoration. While a typical cause of residential water damage is often the failure of a sump pump, many homeowner’s’s insurance policies do not cover the associated costs without an addendum which adds to the monthly premium of the policy. Often the wordiness of this addendum is analogous to’Sewer and Drain Coverage.’

Those individuals who are influenced by wide scale flooding could have the facility to sign up for central authority and FEMA grants through the Individual help program. [1] On a bigger level, businesses, cities, and communities can apply to the FEMA Public help program for funds to help after a large flood. For example, the town of Fond du Lac the state of Wisconsin received $1.2 million FEMA grant after flooding in June 2008. The program permits the town to get the water damaged properties, demolish the structures, and turn the properties into public green space.

one : Water – appertains to a source of water that doesn’t pose important threat to humans and catalogued as ‘Clean Water’.

2 : Water – refers to a source of water that contains a big degree of chemical, biological or physical contaminants and causes discomfort or sickness when exposed or consumed. Examples are toilet bowls with urine ( no feces ), sump pump failures, seepage due to hydrostatic failure and water discharge from dishwashers or washing machines.

three : Water – Known as ‘Black Water’ and are grossly unsanitary. This water contains unsanitary agents, dangerous bacteria and fungi, causing serious pain or sickness. Type 3 category are polluted water sources that has an effect on the indoor environment. This category includes water sources from sewage, seawater, rising water from streams or streams, ground surface water or standing water. Toilet back flows that originates from outside the toilet trap is regarded black water contamination regardless of obvious content or color.

Water restoration damage

Offering 30 Minute Response with 24/7 Emergency Service, Experience & Certified Technicians using State of the Art Equipment. Insurance Billing, – Bonded and Insured give us a call quik water damage repairs

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Water Damage Restoration Company

If your home or business suffers from any kind of water damage, you might be wondering whom you can call to help you during this difficult time. In this case, looking for a company that offers water damage restoration in Sacramento might be your best option. If the area that is exposed to water was caused by a flood, a sewage backup, or a broken water line, it is important to call a professional to perform the clean up and restoration immediately. This can reduce the total losses by preventing long-term problems such as structural damage and mold infestation.
There are several other benefits for hiring a water damage restoration company:

Quick Water Extraction and Less Drying Time

A professional water damage restoration technician has the proper training and equipment necessary to quickly remove any of the standing water and extract the excess from your furniture and carpets. Once this is done, the drying process will begin and at a shorter period. When water damage is involved, time becomes an important factor because the sooner the water is eliminated, the lesser damage will occur. Keep in mind that molds also begin to grow after 48 hours which eventually leads to other problems.

Eliminates Health Concerns

Depending on the source of the water damage, it is possible that it brings in hazardous bacteria or microorganisms that can cause health concerns. Floods, especially if the water is coming from the sewage should be handled with extreme caution to prevent any kind of illness.

A trained professional on quality water damage restoration in Sacramento has the knowledge and skills to identify potential hazards in water, and they will have the necessary tools to protect themselves during the cleanup. They also know the steps needed to ensure proper solution to keeping your home or business safe from contaminated water. They might need to take additional measures during this process to address and disinfect your property.

Reduces Total Losses and Restoration Costs

Hiring a water damage restoration expert right after the water damage happens can reduce your total losses as well as the cost of your cleanup and restoration. If there is a flood, it can cause structural damage and prolonged exposure can destroy your floors and walls. Water can also seep between walls, especially in areas that are “wet,” thus leading to hazards and increase in the rate of mold growth that might require you to hire for kitchen or bathroom remodeling in Sacramento, CA. Aside from that, you want to save your furniture and other documents before they are destroyed. The sooner the water is removed, the lesser damage will occur.

Having a professional attend to your water damage restoration in Sacramento can remove the burden of having to do it on your own. It demands a lot of energy and time to restore your house from a flood. Plus, it requires certain skills and tools for a proper and quick process. Professionals will also be able to identify secondary damages to the structure of your property’s foundation. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is being taken care of the right way which can actually save you from other future expenses.