Looking After Our Educational Centers by Way of School Repair and Maintenance

Schools are institutions of learning where our youth spend a majority of their life. As such, it should be a place of utmost safety and relative comfort, free of distractions and anything that might inhibit the propagation of knowledge.

Unlike regular commercial or office buildings, the repair and maintenance of school buildings is a more challenging and more complicated task. A gauntlet of strict safety regulations have to be followed, considerably more than the regulations, regarding the construction involved in conventional buildings.

It’s common for repair work and construction to last for several months. This raises the problems of doing the work while classes are ongoing. Issues on noise and health safety have to be resolved by the contractor chosen for the task.

For older school facilities, there is a question of whether to restore or renovate the existing infrastructure or demolish and start from scratch. Obviously, because of budget constraints, the latter is the least common option in these slow economic times. Quite a few school districts are even holding off renovation for as long as they can due to lack of funding. However, technological advances, programs mandated by the government and conditions that put health and safety at risk are making structural improvements in our schools an immediate necessity.

Unlike the sturdier schools that were constructed before the 50s, school buildings that were built circa 60-70s are made of flimsier materials which don’t last very long and have to be replaced. These types of schools are prime candidates for a major structural overhaul lest they become hazards to the students.

Without a doubt, safety issues such as lack of ventilation, lighting, wiring, mold and mildew need to be solved immediately through renovation. Inadequate ventilation can cause serious health problems especially during flu season. Most old schools relied on windows for their ventilation and closing them during winter will of course, trap viruses and airborne bacteria.

When it comes to lighting, renovation can actually be good for the school’s budget in the long run. Aside from speeding up the learning process, proper lighting with the use of modern and energy-efficient bulbs can significantly cut costs substantially.

Most old buildings lack electrical integration and more often than not, teachers and students have to rely on extension cords and messy wires for audio-visual aids and other learning tools that need electricity. Modern teaching methods nowadays are more technical and rely heavily on the use of multimedia as a medium of teaching and for research. Obviously, computers and networking devices like modems and routers, cables and the like have to be installed neatly without ruining the aesthetics of the classroom. Aesthetics may play a minor factor in deciding to renovate a school or not, but it does have significant effects on the mood of students and faculty. Although a bright, cheerful atmosphere may be against conventional ideas for a place of study, a less dull and gloomy building will no doubt have positive effects. Moreover, it is believed that people who are happy with their place of study and work become more productive and attain better results.

Another characteristic of outdated buildings are hazardous materials such as lead paint, the use of asbestos for insulation and similar things that don’t meet today’s safety regulations for schools.

An often overlooked aspect when it comes to school repair or renovation, as with any other construction work on buildings, is the necessity to set aside some funds to prepare for anything that might come up. Contingency funds come in handy when there are unexpected things stemming from inaccurate building plans which are common for old structures.

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School Repair and Maintenance – The Practical Way For Schools to Keep Up With the Times

A large part of our younger, formative years are spent in school where we prepare ourselves to be productive members and leaders of society in the future. It is where our minds and characters are developed. Thus, there is an urgent necessity to maintain a safe and peaceful environment conducive for learning.

School building safety codes are regularly being updated as studies are being done. Nowadays more stringent rules are being implemented as more substances and materials used in construction have been discovered to be hazardous to health. Also, government mandated programs and curriculum are constantly being introduced and quite often older schools don’t have the facilities needed for such. A number of schools tend to be overcrowded and structurally expanding the building is usually the only option available.

Schools that were built after the 50s tend to be mediocre in architecture. Although aesthetics may play a minor role in deciding if changes on a school building should be done, updating the infrastructure and making it less boring and institutional may yield better results. A prettier, more attractive workplace will undoubtedly make those working and studying within its walls more motivated and thus increase productivity.

We are now in the age of information and computers and the internet play a major role in classrooms and schoolwork. Teachers are now relying on electronic devices as a medium of instruction. Personal computers, CD and DVD players, large-screen projectors and the like are common fixtures in a classroom. As such, students and faculty need safe and suitable access to power outlets, sockets and cables.

One common feature that older schools lack is adequate lighting and ventilation. School buildings that were built several decades ago relied solely on windows for ventilation and when these are shut during the colder seasons, the air has the potential to become a virus trap and the rooms become filled with a potpourri of bacteria.

A recent study shows that copious amount of daylight plays an important role in the learning process than previously thought. Older schools that used to have large windows often have them boarded-up to save energy costs from heating and cooling. Students in these daylight free classrooms have to rely solely on artificial lighting which is often inadequate and costly.

Renovating school buildings to improve the students’ access to fresh outdoor air and daylight will greatly improve health and study conditions, making the school more effective in improving and shaping young minds. Replacing old style bulbs with modern artificial lighting will also make schools more energy efficient and reduce operation costs greatly. In addition, replacing materials and fixtures to make the school more environment-friendly and reducing its carbon footprint is a good way to reduce power costs and at the same time this increases the environmental awareness of the teachers and students.

Schools that were constructed before the 1950s more often than not have excellent architecture with sturdy building material and have become an intrinsic part of the surrounding community. As changing the appearance of these landmarks can ruin their aesthetic appeal and character, the contractor responsible for updating and renovating such schools should be experienced enough to accomplish this while preserving its original looks.

Another challenge that contractors encounter in school maintenance and repair is how to go about construction and operations while classes are ongoing. Noise and allergens that can arise from maintenance, restructuring and repainting should be controlled and minimized in such a way that they won’t interfere in the learning process and compromise the health of students and faculty members. Sawdust, paint chips, mold and a slew of toxic fumes can get unleashed unto the air and cause respiratory problems with improper methods of repair and maintenance.

Jo is a writer for ‘EBL Group Limited’ (http://www.eblgroup.co.uk), a family managed and reputable commercial and home builders located in Runcorn Cheshire. If you are searching for Runcorn builders who are professionals in school maintenance and repair due to storm, flood, fire, or the passage of time or if you have house and commercial buildings expansion requirements then you should take a look at EBL Group.

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Handyman Services Are Your Solution For Home Repairs and Maintenance – Call the Pros Today!

Keeping your house in good condition takes a lot of time and skill. From addressing seasonal chores like gutter cleaning to fixing broken fixtures, it’s hard to find the time to get it all done. And when you’re experiencing problems with wiring, plumbing, or appliances, you need help from a qualified pro… The key to ensuring your home is well maintained is help from your local handyman service! Whether you need specialized help or just don’t have time to tackle chores around the house, your handyman can help.

Available for a broad range of handyman services both inside and out, your local professional can help with most repair and maintenance issues. So whether you’re too busy to clean the gutters this year or aren’t comfortable undertaking skilled repairs like plumbing or electrical fixes, you can give your handyman a call. They’re ready to help you keep your home in great shape! Let them take the hassle and stress out of home ownership.

Obviously, exact offerings vary from one handyman service to another, but many provide a full contingent of interior and exterior services. Whether you’re experiencing problems with existing fixtures or need new units installed, your handyman can help. Standard handyman services usually include:

Gutter cleaning
Window washing
Dryer vent cleaning
Appliance installation
Drywall installation and taping
Window replacement
Door installation
Deck construction
Deck staining
Fence construction and maintenance
Shed construction
Christmas light installation

Most offer emergency services for immediate needs as well as routine maintenance or service, so don’t hesitate to call if you’re experiencing a sudden problem (especially with plumbing and electrical fixtures).

When you need help around the house, your handyman can help. Don’t undertake dangerous repairs or stress your already overflowing schedule with even more work.

Give your local handyman a call today and keeping your home well-maintained will be easier than you ever imagined it could be! Matt Gallo is a home improvement specialist and the Internet marketing manager for Prospect Genius, a provider of affordable marketing solutions for small businesses.

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Civil Construction and Engineering

Civil engineering is a concept that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. The act of civil construction and engineering includes bridges, roads, canals, airports, dams and buildings. These are merely just a few examples of what civil construction and engineering is about.

Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines after military engineering. It has been an aspect of life since the beginning of human existence. Until modern times there was no clear distinction between civil engineering and architecture.

One of the main aspects of civil construction and engineering is structural engineering. With structural engineering a structure needs to be able to successfully support itself as well as being able to resist loads. It is the job of a structural engineer to ensure that the design and construction of aspects such as bridges, roads and airports etc are safe and successful for their function. Some of the design considerations that need to be kept in mind are the strength, stiffness and stability of the civil construction. All of these need to commit to safety checks so that the structure can hold itself. Other considerations that need to be kept in mind when it comes to the civil construction and engineering includes the cost, constructability, safety, aesthetics and sustainability of the proposed structure.

In the society that we live in today it is safe to say that society wouldn’t work without civil construction and engineering. This is because the infrastructures that we use in our daily lives, the infrastructures that support our daily lives wouldn’t be in existence if it wasn’t for civil construction and engineering. We use aspects such as roads and harbours, railways and airports, hospitals, sports stadiums and schools, access to drinking water and shelter from the weather in our daily lives without a second thought to the construction and engineering that is behind them. We rely more than ever on building contractor teams and inventive people who design and build as well as maintain the sophisticated environment that surrounds our everyday life.

The job of a civil construction team/engineer is more than merely the building side of these infrastructures. They have many activities that they must do every day, including drafting, decision making, computer interaction, communication, documentation, creative thinking, organising, information collecting, estimating and analysing. It is the job of a construction engineer to draft and design structures and show others how to build them. A construction engineer has to analyse information and make the right decision to solve the problems.

If you are a business owner or the owner of property who wishes to expend and build civil structures such as a road to provide easier access or an extension is needed at an airport, it is essential that you enlist the help of a building contractor team who are highly skilled and experienced in undertaking all aspects of civil building and construction. The building contractor team should have structural engineers who are able to undertake the planning and safety aspects of the design to ensure that the finished product is up to standards.

Helen is the web master of ARCH Building Solutions [http://www.archbuildingsolutions.co.uk/roadrepairs.php], specialists in all aspects of the Civil Building Trade [http://www.archbuildingsolutions.co.uk/civilservices.php].

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All You Need to Know About Creating a Pond – Including Positioning, Constructing and Maintenance

Below you can find advice on where to locate your pond, how to build it and how to efficiently maintain it. People often overlook the need for ongoing maintenance to a pond, however this is vital if you want to keep your water feature free from problems such as blanket weed and algae.


A sunny position id best in order to attract wildlife to your pond. However, this should be balanced with allowing for a bit of shade to reduce the chances of the formation of blanket weed.
Do not build the pond directly underneath a tree. This will lead to unwanted debris such as leaves and twigs falling into your pond, and this will need cleaning up regularly.
Position your pond within long grass in order to create a nice sheltered environment at the edge for small wildlife dwellers


Ensure that the whole you dig for your pond slopes down gradually from the edge so that animals can easily get in and out. Shelved sections are also useful, in order to cater for many varying forms of plant and wildlife.
Create a deeper section (about 60cm) in the centre of the pond. This will ensure that the pond should never fully freeze over in the winter.
Line the hole using butyl or polythene, this is a much quicker method than the traditional one of using clay
If at all possible, fill you pond with rain water. If you have to use tap water then leave this to stand for a few days before introducing fish to the pond. This will leave time for any additives to evaporate.
Remember that not all types of wildlife with co-habit well. Goldfish often eat tadpoles and water snails, so keep them apart! It is best to do research before you populate your pond.
Do not introduce wildlife to your pond yourself; let the wildlife find the pond naturally! This will reduce the risk of invasive or diseased species setting up home.


Clear vegetation from the water regularly. The best time to do this is in the autumn to minimize the effect on the wildlife.
Clear out fallen leaves regularly to ensure they don’t rot on the bottom of the pond.
Prevent your pond from totally freezing over in the winter by allowing a tennis ball to float on the surface. Once the ice has formed, remove the ball to leave a small breathing hole
If you pond becomes covered in blanket weed you must act quickly to remove this algae

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure! The very best way to control the conditions of your pond and ensure they are the best for the inhabitants of the water is to use a blanket weed controller.

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An Effective and Modern Tool in Construction and Maintenance

Reduce delays and eliminate damage to underground pipes and utilities. Using a high-pressure air or water, you can break up soil, clay and other malleable earth elements, and remove waste with a powerful vacuum unit.

Non-destructive Digging: The Importance

The ground beneath the Earth’s surface contains a complex web of cables, pipes, drains, gas lines and tree roots. This means that any mechanical excavation has the potential to cause costly damage. This type of digging technology allows excavation onto and around underground assets without the risk of causing damage. It uses high-pressure air or water to dig the hole, and a specially designed nozzle to vacuum the debris into a holding tank.

This fast and efficient system reduces the risks of disruption or delays to your project and keeps site cleaning easier. Its use to identify, locate or prove underground assets provides peace of mind, and can significantly reduce operating costs and the risks associated with damaging existing buried assets. Gaining access to underground assets is simpler and safer with this innovative digging technology.

As a non-mechanical excavating method, it is a safe and more convenient alternative to hand digging. Communications industry, construction, and utility companies accept it as the best practice to safely exposing any buried facility. It minimizes the risks associated with excavation work such as possible loss of service, explosions from gas mains, shorting of electrical cables, and damage to water pipes. It is more efficient than manual excavation, and reduces injuries and minimizes worker insurance claims.

The Benefits of the Technology

Through the years, the technology has proved its worth in road, bridge, and general construction and maintenance projects. Here are some of the many benefits it offers.

– Reduces the risk of damage and disruption to subterranean assets
– It gives you peace of mind knowing that your digging work doesn’t damage subterranean assets such as telecommunications, water and sewer pipes, and gas lines.
– Reduce remediation and operating costs
– Footpaths, roads, and guttering can remain virtually unaffected.
– It reduces the harmful impact on the environment. Traditional digging methods often damage surrounding areas and tree roots. Non-destructive digging is much gentler on the environment.
– Increases productivity, which means reduced time on the job and more money in your pocket
– It is safe, reliable and versatile.
– Considered to be the most sustainable way to excavate and has the least damaging impact to the environment

NDD increases productivity and efficiency, whilst saving substantial time on the digging process. The technique of NDD reduces liability on all involved parties and increases the levels of safety on excavation and construction sites.

Non destructive digging is safe for excavating around gas lines, water pipes, and phone and electrical cables. Continue practicing safety in your project’s working area. You can find many contractor companies that offer digging services like NDD on the Internet. Simply browse websites like http://yunzcontracting.com.au/ to have easy access to these companies.

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There Are Special Regulations for the Construction and Maintenance of Hospital Ventilation

The hospital facilities manager could be seen as part of its healthcare team, even though he or she is not directly involved in medical treatment, because the role includes maintaining high standards of hygiene and efficiency in the building’s ventilation systems.

It is well known that ventilation systems accumulate dust, which is a mixture of organic compounds containing a high proportion of skin and hair, both valuable nutrients for the growth of micro-organisms that can then easily become airborne. The UK’s Department of Health has a set of guidelines specially for the construction and maintenance of ducted air systems, called Health Technical Memorandum 03-01.

The transmission of airborne infection is a crucial issue for hospitals, where patients are particularly vulnerable to infection. Maintaining good air In the introduction is the statement that increased health risks to patients will occur if ventilation systems do not achieve and maintain the required standards and that the link between surgical site infection and theatre air quality has been well established.

MRSA is known to be able to survive on surfaces or skin scales for up to 80 days and spores of Clostridium difficile may last even longer. So while they may not directly transmit from person to person through the air, any skin particles that collect as dust in ducting systems and other hard to clean places could potentially be a risk to patients.

Tuberculosis (TB; Mycobacterium tuberculosis), on the other hand, is transmitted in the air and can be a source of outbreak in hospitals.

It is known that ductwork systems gather dust which is a mixture of organic compounds containing a high proportion of skin and hair, both valuable nutrients for the growth of micro-organisms that can then easily become airborne

The UK’s Department of Health has a set of guidelines specially for the construction and maintenance of ducted air systems, called Health Technical Memorandum 03-01.

In the first part is a list of specifications for the construction of air duct systems in hospitals, but it may not be either practical or affordable for an existing hospital to replace an existing air duct system and the memorandum’s second part lays down specific rules for their inspection and maintenance to ensure.

The first part contains a list of specifications for the construction of air duct systems in hospitals, but it may not be either practical or affordable for an existing hospital to replace an existing air duct system and the second part of the memorandum lays down specific rules for their inspection and maintenance to ensure ventilation hygiene.

It says that all ventilation systems should be have at least a simple visual inspection annually to ensure that it conforms to the minimum standards and that its general condition is fit for its purpose and operating effectively.

Hopsital hygiene is about more than making sure that that surfaces are regularly cleaned and that staff, visitors and patients should wash their hands frequently to prevent the spread of potentially-dangerous infections like MRSA.

Arguably, therefore the hospital facilities manager plays an essential role in ensuring the health and safety of patients while in hospital and their recovery from illness as quickly as possible because it is part of their role to ensure that the air quality standards are kept as high as possible.

MRSA can survive on surfaces or skin scales for up to 80 days and spores of Clostridium difficile may last even longer.

A regular schedule of inspection, ventilation cleaning and filter maintenance is, therefore, an essential part of patient care and best carried out by a specialist cleaning contractor fully conversant with all the latest rules and regulations specific to hospital ventilation systems.

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The Importance of Maintenance of a HVAC System

Your HVAC system is a complex device that consists of moving parts which over time can wear out or break just like the engines of vehicles. Proper maintenance by AC services can save you a considerable amount of money by avoiding many conditions which would otherwise cause heating and air conditioning repair situations.

Unfortunately, there are those who see regular maintenance as a financial burden that is not really necessary as the unit can be repaired when something breaks. However, there are a number of good reasons why you should consider regular maintenance of your HVAC system as it can save you more trouble than you might at first realize.

Replaces Filters

This is the type of maintenance that you can do yourself. Inspecting the filter once a month and replacing it every three months may prevent excessive condensation from forming and shutting down the unit. Of course, a clogged or dirty filter may do more than simply freeze up your air conditioner, it can also cause a cascade effect where moving parts seize up and break which means an even more costly repair.

Replaces Worn Parts

Arguably the leading cause of heating or AC repair is the breakdown of a vital part which causes the unit to stop functioning. In the case of moving parts, they are wearing down all the time they are being used which means at some point they will finally fall apart. By replacing parts that are wearing down before they break, you are saving a considerable amount of money by avoiding a potential repair.

Running More Efficiently

AC units in particular really take a bite out of your electric bill, so anything you can do to make them run more efficiently will help save you money. Regular maintenance which includes replacing filters and parts will also address the ducts to make sure they are dust-free so proper airflow is maintained.


Quite often, new parts are created for existing HVAC systems which means that the unit can be upgraded. This means that the parts put into the unit are better and will help your air conditioner or heater perform more efficiently than before. This can actually save you money on your electric or heating bill because the unit itself has been upgraded.

While regular maintenance will not prevent all breakdowns from occurring, it can prevent the most common ones which means that your heating and air conditioning unit will keep running for a long time. You will get the most out of your investment when you maintain it on a regular basis starting with inspecting the filter once per month to see if it is dirty. Replacing the filter every three months, and having the entire unit inspected once per year.

If you want to save money in the long run with your air conditioner and heater, getting the proper AC services will go a long way towards preventing it from breaking down. The fewer heating and air conditioning repair situations you have to experience the more money you will keep in your pocket.

Why is Car Maintenance Important?

Did you know that….

The bill for accidents resulting from unperformed vehicle maintenance tops $2 billion a year.
One of the most important maintenance-related things you can do is change your oil frequently.
Not doing proper car maintenance can cost you as much as $7,000 more in hefty repair bills, than it would have cost to do the basic maintenance items such as oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections and others.

Car maintenance may not seem like that big of a deal, but not making the time or thinking you are saving money will ultimately catch up with you. Just talk to any mechanic – be it the shade tree variety or those in a shop – and you will quickly be taught how necessary basic car maintenance is a must, not a maybe.

Of course, everyone wants to save money, but overlooking car care is not the place to do it. But, have you ever wondered why certain jobs should be done? If so, you aren’t alone and deserve an answer.

Why Certain Car Maintenance Chores Should be Done

Oil Changes – Changing the oil on a regular basis helps keep your engine running correctly. Oil cuts down on the friction that can literally wear away the parts of the engine. Change your oil every 5,000 miles or four months, or follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific car.
Changing Plugs or filters – The best way to improve the odds of passing an emissions test is to maintain your vehicle. A well-maintained engine is usually a clean engine. Such basic maintenance includes changing the spark plugs and filters.
PCV Valve – The positive crankcase ventilation, or PCV, system regulates crankcase pressure and ventilates blow-by gases, which helps prevent engine oil leaks and sludge buildup
Brakes – Brake disc pads and shoes eventually wear down. Checking your brakes annually allows you to spot wear before it’s too late. By contrast, neglecting regular brake work could eventually lead to more costly rotor or disc replacements.
Tire Rotation – Rotating tires — switching the tire position from front to rear and vice versa — helps them wear equally. A tire rotation should generally be done every 7,500 miles, or as often as the car manufacturer recommends.

Having your vehicle inspected – and not just the one required by the state- should simply be a part of your monthly or quarterly calendar. Don’t put it off, especially if you suspect a problem, to see what will happen. Talk to your local mechanic or pros such as those at Auto Electric and do your part to ensure your vehicle is in its top running condition.

What Elements Influence The Decision Of Spousal Maintenance And Child Custody?

Divorce is associated with a hard time in the life of couples, as they undergo with various emotional and critical issues after divorce. In most of the cross-border marriage termination cases the couples decide to move to a separate country and wish to have the child with them. The issue like spousal maintenance and child custody are the major issues that have to be resolved during the judgment of the divorce case. Therefore, hiring an experienced child custody lawyer is must. The lawyer can guide and suggest you the grounds to file for the custody of child and maintenance.

The spousal maintenance in Singapore is based on the various factors that hamper the life of spouse after divorce and children living with her. The right of spousal maintenance is based on the concept to rationalize the financial inequalities between the spouses. The facilities and lifestyle that spouse enjoyed during the marriage are also considered and alumni is decided on these aspects. Singapore has its own law that influences lot while deciding the maintenance for the spouse who is divorced under the Singapore family law. Other factors that also influence are financial needs of spouse or child, age, contribution made by parties in family welfare, physical or mental disability, custody of a child, etc.

For all such tasks, you require support from the professional lawyer who can prepare necessary documents and can justify the amount to be finalized as the spousal maintenance in Singapore for your survivorship. For an experienced lawyer, you need to get the reference from the friends or near ones who have already availed their services in the past or taking help from the internet. You will get some of the suitable lawyers who have served who have served International clients and well understand the minor points that play vital role in deciding the spousal maintenance. You need to consider their experience, fees, and history before picking them to represent you in the International court of law. Their advice will be beneficial to you and will assure that you get complete justice regarding the child custody and alumni.

It is for sure that you will never desire to be treated in an unfair way regarding the child custody. For this, a child custody lawyer will be of great help. The lawyer will provide you the deep knowledge of the grounds on which you can file for the custody. Your lawyer will also prepare necessary documents that will support credence on the child during the judgment of the divorce in court.