Importance of Application Development Support and Maintenance

Because of the increasing popularity of tablets, smartphones and mobiles, each business is looking to develop an app to reach their new and existing customers easily. Most businesses do not know the importance of the support and maintenance of the app developed for them. In order to enhance the user experience, it is essential to maintain the app developed for your business. Application development support and maintenance is important to survive in this competitive market. When an app is launched, you have to add features and remove bugs to make it function up to the customer expectations. An app development company in India can help your business to remove the outdated solutions and update the application with new features.

How is it going to help your business

High-quality performance is important when it comes to brand loyalty. In an app development project, it is crucial to provide great user experience for the success of an app developed. Interactive user experience is essential for the success of your application. Hence, the app has to be developed from the user’s perspective. While developing an application for your business, you need to create effective and simple to use app for attracting the target audience. If the app is confusing or not updated, then it will provide you a poor user experience, which results in the uninstallation of the application from their gadgets.

When you hire a company, it will help you in designing, developing, testing and implementing the app developed for your business. If you’re hiring a professional company, then you’ll get the help of highly trained and experienced professionals. It enables you to get high-quality output for your business. Numerous fixes, improvements and updates may be required when you try to add new features to the app. Professional app developing companies will keep up the communications intact with your organization to discuss the progress of the app after launching it.

Loyal customers

You may have seen apps with several errors and bugs, frustrating interface, unexpected activities, and complexities. Honestly speaking, you will lose your loyal customers because of these poorly developed apps. Any user who would like to access your service will not show patience with the unstable application. Above all, it will destroy the credibility of your brand. You won’t be able to keep a good customer relationship.

Contradictorily, a perfectly running app will enhance the user experience as it engages the user. With increased user experience, you can expect the loyalty of the existing customers. It also attracts new customers to your business.

Reduced costs and increased revenue

By updating and maintaining the app on a regular basis, you will get a properly designed app. A properly designed app does not contain many issues, which gives the customers access to your business throughout the day. It allows you to save a great amount of money as you don’t need to hire any customer care staff to deal with the queries of the customers. The app will provide all the required information to the customer, which in turn increases the engagement of your brand with the customers. More customers will lead to the increase in the revenue.

Hence, application development support and maintenance are necessary to develop an interactive app for your business.

Why Is Property Maintenance Milton Keynes Necessary With Some Research

People moving into new houses or older ones, are sometimes not completely satisfied with the layout in which the previous owners or the builders have given a thought. They buy such properties with a view on making certain alterations, along with adding some maintenance work in the property. In the area of Milton Keynes, it would be possible to add alterations and carry out maintenance, if the right people are engaged. Therefore, property maintenance Milton Keynes is a success, only if there is a procedure followed by the people engaged in this kind of work.

• Having handyman for maintenance services helps in solving issues

For most people in the region of Milton Keynes, it is necessary to hire the professional property maintenance people. There are agencies that have handyman Milton Keynes in their roll, who are responsible for regular maintenance work in different aspects, starting from plumbing repairs to levelling of an outdoor site. It is therefore necessary to realise that the people involved in such maintenance work have the right experience, technical knowhow and the procedural knowledge to provide complete worth of the money.

• With proper planning, maintenance activities become easy to execute

In Milton Keynes, the township has been planned with modernised approach, where grids and communities are arranged in a uniform manner. There can be planning of the property maintenance Milton Keynes where estimates for the work to be done can be handed over to the house owners. From this, people will be able to know about the expenses and decide the type of materials to be used in the reconstruction and renovation work. Sometimes, this step is enough to cut down costs or improve the quality of the materials, and this step is also necessary one, before the final changes are brought about.

• Sufficient knowledge to work out solutions for several types of maintenance activities

Workers engaged in the work of maintenance of property, should have knowledge about various aspects of such work. Handyman Milton Keynes therefore is supposed to be a person with knowledge of several household works including plumbing, electricity, equipment repairs and so on. Such services are often required by people living in a community and in Milton Keynes, these handymen are able to handle variety of jobs, whenever called for. Apart from regular and planned maintenance, these people are also able to get their work done in the most efficient manner, whenever certain emergencies rise up or become necessary. Therefore, if the handyman Milton Keynes is around, people usually do not worry because most of their problems will be smoothly sorted out.

• Selection of products in the right manner during maintenance for effective renovations

Especially in the work of renovation, when people also include the services of property maintenance Milton Keynes, it is essential to have ample knowledge about the materials to be used. For this, house owners will have to check out few products, although they can seek the services of a builder or contractor to go on with the work of renovation when property maintenance is being done. So, it is only a matter of time, when such renovations and property maintenance would be completed and people will have new looks of their houses.

How to Heat a Home Under Construction

For general contractors and the building trades, providing temporary heat to the job site can be a huge problem.


First, portable propane construction heaters, often called salamander heaters or torpedo heaters, can produce noxious fumes that, unless the space is well ventilated, can produce an unhealthy work environment. If not operated correctly, they can even be deadly. For this reason, some states have banned the use of propane vent-free heaters inside homes during construction. Workers often complain of stinging eyes and headaches during heater operation.

Second, gas-fired construction heaters produce water vapor. Water vapor (humidity) is not necessarily a bad thing unless it gets to the level where condensation forms on windows, walls and other cold surfaces. That’s a huge problem for drywall contractors trying to get their mud to dry. Moist surfaces are also a problem for painters and other finishing contractors.

What’s the solution?

An electric salamander heater. Designed specifically for the construction trades, an electric salamander heater provides quiet, electric forced air heat to spaces as large as 2000 square feet. Unlike fuel-fired heaters, electric salamanders provide clean, quiet climate control without the threat of poisoning and without the time wasted in refueling and fuel storage.

Unlike fuel-fired heaters, an electric salamander can be left unattended. Safety features include a variable thermostat and a hi-temperature cut-out switch coupled to an auto-reset, which help to prevent accidents.

Operation of an electric salamander is simple. An 800 CFM fan pushes ambient air over multiple heat coils, recirculating air within the room until it reaches the temperature level set with the unit’s thermostat. The thermostat adjusts from 40 degrees to 100 degrees F.

Typical electric salamander heaters are either 10 kW or 15 kW and operate on 240V, 1 phase power. The unit is energized from a service panel. Simply feed the cable from the heater into your service box and connect the three wires, following all local electrical codes. A 10 kW heater normally comes with a 10′ long cable and range plug, which can be connected directly to a range or dryer plug.

How much space can an electric salamander heater heat up?

That depends on several factors, including climate, insulation R-value and ceiling height, but here is a general guideline:

To heat 1,000 square feet, you can achieve a 20 deg. Temperature rise in about 47 minutes and a 40 deg. Rise in about 94 minutes (based on a 15′ tall ceiling).

To heat 2,000 square feet, you can achieve a 20 deg. Temperature rise in about 94 minutes and a 40 deg. Rise in about 188 minutes.

The good news is that these heaters can be left safely unattended overnight, providing a warm work environment the following day and bringing surfaces (such as drywall mud) up to the perfect working temperature for sanding or painting. No moisture, not fumes, no tank refills.

Electric salamander heaters are also excellent for pole barns, workshops, garages and large tents used for meetings, parties and receptions.

Tips for renovating homes – Renovate and Rejuvenate your living space

Let us first divide your home into exclusive quarters (the kitchen, the bedroom, the basement, the pet space, the bathrooms, the living room) which demand a unique treatment, considering the purpose and utility of each of these individual spaces. Subsequent to which, you could synchronizeeach of these entities seamlessly into the general ethos you wish to create.

To substantiate further with tips to renovate your home; for instance, your kitchen may look like a sack of dust and grime, badly in want of a facelift. Not only that, you feel the kitchen needs that touch of distinguished modularity, to render greater efficiency and quicker management of the resources in store. The parameters within which the framework of your kitchen can be designed are: the space required, the utilities, the make of the utilities from the cabinet to the faucet, and the walls, the floor tuned to either the traditional, contemporary or modern style.

From the hub of the household, we unwind at the restrooms(bathrooms), which these days are of paramount significance, considering the new-age lifestyle and fast-paced life. Bathrooms are a place to unwind and relax in a soothing bath. They can be theme-based, with colors to set in the right mood. And the utilities again come to the fore with bathtubs, water-closets, fittings, other accessories such as shower-stalls, mirrors, sinks, tiles, and wall-paint colors, which will bedesigned within the range of easy maintenance, style quotient and the theme/ concept under visualization and the users its targeting (kids, guests, or the common space for refreshing). From a refreshing bath to the bedroom, where you gear up for the day ahead, or relax or unwind or just plop on the bed after a day’s hard work, the décor you give here should be inline with the meaning you want to give to your bedroom. Depending upon the vicissitude of the day(day or night), your bedroom can reflect the brightness of the day or the calmness of the night with an array of colors and themes which would aptly merge with the wave of the sunlight. It should soothe and rejuvenate your spirit at the same time. Moving over to the living room, which creates the first and the best impression on anybody who enters your house, the decor should be enlivening enough to absorb your vibes and regenerate the same with greater intensity to the ethos of your home. Such that when you go about renovating your home, the living room is bolstered by the concept it has to define .

Similarly for the other sections of your house, you move bottom-up from the concept you want to create for that space and the style you decide to give. This will help you better while scouring for tips on renovating homes. When you start off, you look-up design books and interior décor magazines, and zero in on a design closest to your choice. Keep the design limited to four – five per room. Your designs can also be theme-based. You could also opt for an environment-friendly renovation. Once the design sets are ready, maintain a separate file for each of the rooms. The design sets once freezed, your choice and options are also ‘filed-up’, with no reopening or creating room for further thought.

Over and above all, the essential tip about renovating homes, is to work within the budget, you would have fixed. Much as you would love to materialize into shape, the renovated home of your dreams, some ground-reality has to be considered as to how much you can actually afford to spend.

Exploring the different facets of a home and what dimensions it can reach to make your living space comfortable, likable and admirable, the right contractor for renovating your home is one of the foremost essentials. Thriving in this building and renovating industry space, with a wealth of experience, is NOVA construction and Development LLC, construction development company, New home builders in New Jersey . Building foundations, which have scaled home-building up to greater heights, NOVA’s pillars of support include a diverse team of professionals with varied cultural background, making this building construction company of the USA, a rich confluence of creativity and unrivaled global expertise. At NOVA, each project is served with a dedicated mission- customer satisfaction.

So, when you look at home-building or construction, the company which stands above the rest, to make your ‘hearth’ glow with the spirit of all the Five elements, is a team of New Home Developments in New Jersey NOVA construction and Development LLC, skyscraping to give home to your dreams!

You need to know 10 Mistakes that Construction Companies Make

A majority of American and Canadian construction companies, both small and big, continue to reel under financial pressure despite a seemingly surge in home building and renovation in their respective countries. Their shrinking client base, an outcome of ineffective business strategy, unsustainable practices, and bad contracts, is fast contributing to loss of business and increasing financial difficulties. Here are 10 common mistakes home renovation and construction companies make.

Lack of A Good Business Plan

Risks are inevitable part of construction business and only a stout business plan can assure safety against all odds. But many jump into the race without effective and complete planning. Aimless business flounder at the sight of risk possibilities and companies become unable to counter odds successfully. Home contractors must consider realities in the most comprehensive form, find ways to make adaptations and adjustments at the right earnest, and follow a planned direction beating competitions.

Improper Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy is the key to succeed. However, many construction companies, in Canada in particular, are yet to fully incorporate the latest technology to their marketing camping. Inability to exploit social media potential, video marketing, and the mobile merchandising is causing great loss to home contractors. Successive surveys indicate social media marketing is key to boost business across all industries and it carries a major chunk of neighborhood business prospects.

Unable To Discern Bad Contracts

Construction companies should avoid accepting bad contracts. Those with penalty clauses, delayed payment provisions, work not commensurate with home builder or renovation contractor skills and experiences, and may put them in a negative situation. Such contracts have the potential to cause financial losses and bring a bad reputation.

Failure To Address Customer Concerns on Priority Basis

Positive feedback by customers is the biggest asset to expand construction business. Those not replaying to customers queries and concerns on a priority basis face the specter of rejection. Negative review brands a company unprofessional, without adequate customer care, and improper communication, the essential considerations by customers to hire a contractor.

No Prudent Financial Management

Lack of prudent financial practices is a major mistake that many construction companies make. Home renovation or building requires contractors to pay for registration, licensing, insurance, equipment, manpower, and other expenditures. The more variety of services a company offers, the higher is the startup cost. Those making huge investments or taking loans at the onset feel immense pressure if the cash flow is not as expected. Therefore, the less a contractor invests in capital expenditure and the more it saves, the smaller is the chance of financial strain.

No Proper License and Certification

Home building and renovations includes a variety of services. Construction companies offering many of these services without proper certification or license may lose out in competition. Lack of certification leads many consumers to consider it a sign of no expertise in a field. Home builders may have to pay fines and incur bad name if the government penalizes them for providing services without proper license.

Static Skills, Technology, Systems

In a competitive world, continued enhancement of skill and systems are essential for business growth and expansion. Construction business is ever evolving with new themes, technology, and tools and companies must upgrade themselves accordingly. Those remaining static face the risk of losing prospective customers to better-equipped contractors, who poised to do home building and renovation jobs more effectively and more quickly.

Fighting With A Bad Client

It is always a grave mistake to fight with a client notwithstanding how bad is he. There are customers who keep changing job requirements, delay payments, bully or harass the employees, or frequently compares with other contractors. Such customers are not worth keeping, as he has only a negative feedback. Better leave aside such people without wasting resources.

Eager To Have Hand on All Jobs

Construction industry is highly specialized and there is seldom any company claiming to be the master of all trades. One specializes in restoration of historical building, the other in pre-fabricated homes, third in kitchen improvement, and the so on. A contractor must not say yes to job it does not have expertise in. Lack of experience and skills result in inefficiency and poor quality. Better do jobs most proficient at and avoid bad reputation.

No Insurance Cover

Without insurance cover, construction companies are at greater risk of financial loss. Many builders avoid insurance thinking about high premium rate. However, such a mistake is a grave threat in construction industry, where accidents, property damage, and unfortunate incidents are not rare despite the highest degree of security. Such incidents, in the absence of insurance cover, put companies at the risk of huge financial losses.

Whether it is a startup or existing construction companies, these mistakes must be avoided to ensure that the contractors remain immune from any risk and expand their business with excellent professional services.

Home Theater Design & Construction Company in Seattle, WA

heater Design Company create custom designs for every client. We will evaluate your project and put together a complete plan that includes not only the necessary audio-video components, but also the optimal lighting, heating, cooling and acoustical systems to ensure ideal sound and vision. Our installation services in Seattle, WA include everything from simple wall mount installs to large scale complex Automation and Audio-Video projects. Our company was started by industry veteran Tyler Edmondson, a Journeyman Electrician with over 20 years of experience. Theater Design Company is licensed, bonded and full insured Commercial, Residential General Contractor and Specialty Electrician.
RESIDENTIAL : We are members of the prestigious CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association). We are experts in executing projects of all sizes; from basic TV installation to high-end complex entertainment systems in large private residences. Theater Design Company has a vast experience in residential installation, sales and Service.
COMMERCIAL : Theater Design Company under our consulting business provides installation and sales for commercial projects including retail, multi-family, sports bars, hotels and house of worship. We have a vast experience accompanied by our highly trained staff to handle these more complicated large scale jobs with particular attention given to placement, timelines and completion on time and in budget.
NSTALLATION SERVICES : Whether you are building a new Home Theatre in Seattle, remodeling, updating your electronics or just in need of some help from a specialist, Theater Design Consultants is your trusted home technology company. If you’re like most people these days, technology at home is a significant investment. By hiring a qualified home technology professional to properly design, install and maintain your home electronic system, you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll be in good hands now and in the future. We service the Greater Seattle Area!
CONSULTING : Audio Video, Home Theater, and Low Voltage Consulting for your Home or Business. Our consulting services can assist you in eliminating costly mistakes and guide you in the correct direction by coordinating the architect, builder and subcontractors to do the best possible job with your project. This is accomplished by laying the ground work before the project begins and getting all parties involved to work as part of a professional team.

How We Help is Simple: We Bring Value to Your Project & Provide the Following

Specifying structural detail for dedicated theater or listening rooms
Optimize room size for the optimum support of speaker placement for low frequency support.
Specify acoustic treatments (some of which we build).
Detail the room’s architectural features including carpet, lighting paint, etc.
Assist in the homes equipment location (e.g. placement, cooling and power requirements.
Work with you and the Audio Video Company in speaker and equipment selections.
Calculate screen size and display method (e.g. projection, plasma, LCD, LED, 3d. etc.
Coordinate the installation of the above elements.
Site visits with the home owner builder and sub contractors through out the project.

Benefits of Modular Homes over Traditional On-site Constructed Homes

A modular home is a residence that is constructed indoors in a factory setting. When the product is finished, it is wrapped and transported to the required destination, where a builder assembles it. Once it arrives at the desired destination, the structure is installed on a permanent foundation. Modular homes are constructed according to local building codes and they are different from mobile homes. The homes have several advantages compared to on-site built homes. They allow for increased design flexibility and have reduced building time. These structures are also better in terms of construction quality.

Design Flexibility

The construction of the homes allows for a broad range of options when it comes to design possibilities. This means that the builder can, with you and the home manufacturer, come up with the best home design to suit your needs. Additionally, they will generally offer a broader range of plans to select from in various styles. They will also offer a variety of options for customization. Depending on the local building codes, these homes offer an opportunity for upgrading or modifying the construction specifications, allowing you to design your desired elevations, floor plans, windows, siding; and colors or styles of fixtures and fittings. With modular homes, the possibilities are limitless.

Speed of Construction

Modular houses are typically constructed in approximately a third of the time it takes to build a site-built home. This means that with careful planning, you can occupy the new home within a couple of weeks after selecting your preferred model and design. This is due to the fact that the overall construction time is minimized by having concurrent home construction and site work. It also enables you to enjoy reduced interest rates when it comes to construction financing. Additionally, the manufacturer’s skilled workforce normally consists of vastly experienced builders and technicians, which helps to prevent delays that are often associated with site-built homes.

Better Quality

The other advantage of modular homes over site-built homes is that they have better quality construction. Because they are constructed in a factory-like setting, the manufacturer is able to use tools that are usually not available to site builders. These include tools like custom-made jigs that ensure all the walls, ceilings and floors are correct. Additionally, the interior walls of these homes are usually lag-bolted onto the exterior walls, with insulation and bracing installed on the electrical outlet units. Finally, straps are used to brace the walls to the floor.

5 Different Deck Styles for Your Home

When you finally have the entire interior blueprint laid out in a manner that you are content with, it becomes apparent that you will need to design the exterior as well. Many home builders in Missouri focus solely on the interior of the house until the last minute when decisions need to be made about siding, shutters, shingles and colors. One very exciting and challenging task in terms of building a new home can be what kind of deck to design and build.

A deck can be the focal point in the front, or the gathering area in the back. The deck can include a porch that wraps around allowing you to enjoy a 360-degree view without ever stepping foot in the yard. In this article, we will discuss five different types of decks along with some of the benefits and disadvantages that come along with them.

Platform Decks

These are some of the simplest decks. These decks are built very low to the ground and usually accompany a one story home. The foundation of the house must not reach very far out of the ground in order for a platform deck to be installed. These decks, when installed by home builders in Missouri, are typically surrounded by plants and gardening rather than railings because of their shallow height.

Raised Decks

Raised decks fit very typically with their name in that they are decks more than a few inches off the ground. Because of their raised height, these decks typically are walled off or have a significant railing, as well as stairs leading down to the ground level. The underside of these decks can either lead to a basement area or be covered with plants or lattice. This is typical in homes that have a raised foundation or homes built on a steep slope with the basement exposed.

Two Story Decks

Again, a two story deck is true to its name in that it provides a deck both to the ground floor as well as the second floor of the house. This can be a challenge not only to the builder but the homeowner as well. The decks need a lot more support because of their raised position from the ground. This can be a real eye sore when not done properly. However, the simple use of aesthetically pleasing support beams, including addition of other decorative elements, can make any deck beautiful. A nice way to cover up a support beam is either with a climbing vine or a nice rock structure with a planter on top.

Freestanding Decks

These are decks that do not attach to the house at all. This can be a beautiful way to get away from the house and highlight another area of the yard. These are often accompanied by a gazebo or a lovely garden. These decks also allow for home builders in Missouri to add an easy expansion without having to worry about tearing out and rebuilding the deck.

When searching for a reliable team of expert home builders in Missouri, there are some companies that are willing to build you a beautiful new deck. However, be sure that you both have done your research and are willing to discuss the options. Each new home is deserving of a fine new deck to adorn its existing beauty. So, do things carefully but surely.

Expert Advices in Choosing the Right Construction Company for You

Choosing among the several construction companies or home builders in Missouri can be tiring because you need to pick the perfect company that would suit your needs and preferences. As homeowners, we tend to want a builder who could give us a perfect output when it comes to the repair, remodeling or building needs of our home. That is why choosing the right construction company can be challenging since there are a lot of them in the market.

Since construction, remodeling and installation are not a simple process, contractors should have discipline, in-depth knowledge of the field and precision to be able to a complete project to the high standards expected of them. Many home builders in Missouri have certain advantages over the others, so as a client, you need to scout out companies in and around your area in order to know them better. The more that you know about a business and how it operates, including their projected outputs, the better your chances in finding the right home builder for your building job.

Provided in this article are expert tips in choosing the right construction company or home builder suitable for your needs.

Do Your Research

You should research the companies around your area, and list them down. It is important that you have at least a couple on your list so that you are able to research each business to know the quality of their work, what they are capable of, and what projects they have done. There are some home builders in Missouri who would give you a very cheap quotation. While it may sound tempting, be wary of these companies. You cannot always guarantee that their work will be of great quality.

Ask All Your Questions

Write down all the questions you have for the home builders on your list. It is imperative that you ask all your questions because this will help you make an informed decision. A good company should be able to answer all you queries and enlighten you with the services they are able to provide.

Check for Credentials

Your chosen company should be licensed to provide construction services in your area. Also, strategic execution is needed for a superior output, so they should follow the appropriate building guidelines and the plan created for the remodeling or construction of your home, from start to finish. As a client, you could also talk to previous customers who have used their business in the past to gain more information on how the construction company manages their projects and how great the quality of their work is. Since there are a number of home builders in Missouri, another technique you might want to do is to check their website for the works they have done and the reviews that clients have for them.

Skilled and Experienced

Lastly, the home builders you choose should have acquired the necessary trainings and should have the ample experience to do the job for you. Newer companies need more experience when it comes to building because they need to perfect the profession to become experts, while those professional home builders in Missouri who have been in the trade for at least more than a decade can be a good choice because they wouldn’t still be in the business if they were not giving the best service to their clients. Nonetheless, do not neglect the other tips provided beforehand. Again, the more information you have of a business, the better your decision will be.

US Traffic Woes and Highway Infrastructure Management

The past three years have been a huge breakout for the auto industry in terms of car and light trucks sales. This is because their sales skyrocketed from year-to-year. In 2013 and 2014, the number of vehicles sold were 15.6 and 16.5 million, respectively. However, the US auto sales set a record 17.5 million for the most number of cars and trucks sold in 2015.

Assuming that these same number of cars and trucks are being used in a daily basis and added to the estimated 250 million vehicles that pass on US roads daily based on the previous years daily road usage, one can expect traffic crisis due to vehicle congestion, road repairs and maintenance, and, probably the biggest reason, poor roads and highway infrastructure management.

Solving traffic woes would lead for some to consider limiting acquiring of cars. However, the most clear cut solution to this is to improve its road and highway infrastructure asset management.

Highway Infrastructure Management

With the reality that most of the roads, highways and bridges in the US suffer from fast deterioration due to the fast changing climate and daily usage for decades, the more it needs to consider having a thorough infrastructure management system.

This management system will create highway management team that will overlook on the roads, pavement and bridge infrastructure deterioration and the proper maintenance that comes with it. The research and findings of this team is very crucial because this will put up the groundwork for other functions of the asset management system.

As per road survey in cities in every states, the major roads are in the worst shape. This will more likely add to the worsening scenario of vehicle congestion and every car owner’s traffic woes.

Another function of this asset management system is to allocate budget policies. This budget policy includes adding private investors to compliment the budget allocated by the federal government.

Eventhough the federal government spent over $90 billion per year in road construction and maintenance, it is still not enough to complete the road maintenance. Tax revenues from gas and road usage and toll fees are also not enough to add to this budget. This reality is proven true by the Federal Highway Administration which estimated that a capital investment of over $150 billion should be spent every year.

Traffic Solutions

As much as we talk about solving the traffic crisis, reality also tells us that there is really no clear cut solution to decongesting the number of vehicles on the road everyday. Improved road and highways to ease traffic will continue to be a daily wait-and-see scenario.

A much better handling in traffic management through highway infrastructure asset management system assures us that solutions in traffic will be handled well. It may not be tomorrow but when that day comes, traffic woes will not be that worst than before highway asset management plans were introduced and implemented.